Capturing all the regex matches into an array in perl

Wednesday, January 16, 2013 , , 0 Comments

Often we need to track the list of matches whenever we use a regex.
for example lets say i have a file which looks like below:

Jan 1 1982
Dec 20 1983
jan 6 1984

Now if i want to store all the decimal number in the file in a array..How?

first thing is we need to use a regex match and store all the numbers into an array.

Below is the code for it :

perl -lne 'push @a,/\d+/g;END{print "@a"}' your_file

The above will output:

> perl -lne 'push @a,/\d+/g;END{print "@a"}' your_file
1 1982 20 1983 6 1984

In the same way you can use any other pattern in the match regex and capture those patterns in an array.