Row width and Column separator in Sybase isql

Thursday, May 09, 2013 , 0 Comments

Many of you either donot know or perhaps you are not aware of these since there is very less documentation available in google search for these

In general I use:
isql -U<user> -P<passsword>  -D<dbname>

There are two ioptions in isql.
which are
-s     Column separator.This wil separate columns with what ever character is followed by this option
       another option is (and probably very important):
-w     This will set the row width.By default is set to 80 characters and if the row length exceeds 80          
       characters, a new line is added in the console output.
for eg:
isql -U<user> -P<passsword>  -D<dbname> -s ',' -w 65535