Iterating a string through each character

Tuesday, April 29, 2014 , 0 Comments

In general if there is a need for us to iterate though a string character by character, then we normally split the string using a statement like:
Now after the array is created we iterate through that array.But an easy way of doing this in Perl without creating an array is :
while ($var =~ /(.)/sg) {
   my $char = $1;
   print $char."\n"
Below is the explanation for the same:
$var =~ /(.)/sg
Match any character though out the string and round braces "()" captures the matched character.
Treat string as single line. That is, change "." to match any character whatsoever, even a newline, which normally it would not match.
Match all occurrences of the regexp throughout the line instead of only the first occurrence.