Print lines between two patterns in a file

I faced this requirement  where I needed to delete some lines from a file based on two patterns(start and end)for which I thought I would use perl:
1 text 
2 start
3 to be deleted
4 to be deleted
5 text to be deleted      
6 to be deleted          
7 end -should be included
8 text 
9 start
10 text to be deleted
11 end -should be included
12 text

below is the script to achieve this:


use strict;
use warnings;

my $num_to_del;
my @data;
my $to_pr=1;

sub create_files() {

        open(MYFILE, 'joinl.txt');
        while (<MYFILE>) {
         if(defined $to_pr && $to_pr>=1){
print $_;   

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